For work on flat facades and stone


Technical specifications

Size of the working area of the table is 1000x2000mm

Depth of the table in the uppermost position - 50mm, table stroke - 500mm

Thermal module height - 300 mm

Vertical movement is carried out using pneumatic cylinders.

Thermal module power is 15 kW (25halogen quartz lamps 600W each), heating is to a temperature of 180-200 degrees, The inner lining of the thermal module is made of stainless steel

Thermal module opening type - “book”

Seal of the clamping frame is made of special vacuum rubber

Vacuum pumping station is based on the Russian water ring pump VVN 1-1.5 (95m3 / h, residual pressure 0.2 mbar)

Covering the working area of the table is MDF

Clamping frame is closed by eccentric clamping mechanisms

Control panel with digital heating temperature indication and electrical contact vacuum meter


Price is from: 620 000 rubles

Production time is 50-60 working days

Additional options

Vacuum pumping station is based on the German pump BUSCH RA0063

+150 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum pumping station is based on the German pump BUSCH RА0040

+100 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum pumping station is based on the German pump BUSCH RА0020

+70 000 rubles to the base cost

Vertical lifting of the module

+120 000 rubles to the base cost

Electromechanical drive

+90 000 rubles to the base cost

Design features

Vacuum system

Russian vacuum pump VVN 1-1.5 with a production capacity of 95 cubic meters per hour provides pressing with a vacuum coefficient of 0.85.

Control panel

Control panel with digital indication of heating temperature, electronic digital vacuum meter

Powerful locks

Powerful locks to squeeze the upper clamping frame. They have an eccentric adjustment. They are reliable and convenient in work. They are manufactured according to the recommendations of operators working on this equipment

Portable cranes to control

Portable cranes to control the process of vacuuming

Additional equipment for production line

Relief grinding machines

Relief grinding machines

Painting chambers

Painting chambers

About the machine

Vacuum forming machine M 20-10 is used:

  • For work on flat facades as well as for curved facades.
  • For work on artificial stone.
  • For thermoforming with acrylic plastics, plexiglass.

The advantages of vacuum forming machine M 25-14:

Lifting and lowering the working table is possible to various heights up to 1000 mm

Resulting products

Advantages of our machines


Uniform heating of the working area of the table over the entire area


Durable vacuum seal, abrasion and mechanical damage resistant.


Electrical components of domestic manufacturer


Durable heating elements (halogen quartz lamps), installed on special ceramic insulators


Standard equipment allows laminating, creating bent-glued parts, veneering (using a membrane), gluing plastic.


Vacuum pumps with high performance and low operating costs (when the machine is equipped with a domestic vacuum pump, we use the pump assembly on a tank of 100 litres, which makes it possible to solve the problem of water leakage to the floor).


Reliable and durable locks for pressing the clamping frame with height adjustment