It is intended for lining of wall panels with paper and veneer.


Technical specifications

Dimensions are 3000x1500, internal working size is 2940x1440mm

A flat table without a deep vacuum bath facilitates the loading and unloading of large parts (door leaves, wall panels, etc.)

The base of the table is a steel sheet with a thickness of 4.0 mm

Additional alignment of table surface

Covering is a sheet of MDF

Type of opening of the thermal module is "book" with powerful gas stops

Cantilever clamping frame capable of height adjustment

Vacuum pumping station is based on a rotary vane pump RS20

Thermal module height - 300 mm

Thermal module power is 12 kW, heating elements of the halogen quartz lamp (20 halogen quartz lamps 600W each)

Control panel with digital indication of heating temperature. Electrical contact vacuum meter. Maintaining the required vacuum value within the specified range. Heating timer.

Vacuum control is by portable cranes

There are powerful locks with eccentric height adjustment mechanisms on the clamping frame.

Rubber membrane is on rivets 3.0 mm.

Price is from: 500 000 rubles

Production time is 20-25 working days

Additional options

Vacuum system is based on Russian vacuum

+30 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum system is based on the Chinese vacuum pump ERSTEVAK

+60 000 rubles to the base cost

Covering the working area of the table is MDF

+25 000 rubles to the base cost

Design features

Construction of a heating cap

The construction of the heating cap makes it possible to cover blanks with both flat and profiled strips up to 300 mm high. The dimensions of the work table of the press allow you to veneer workpieces with a width (1400 mm) or several workpieces.

Halogen quartz lamps

Halogen quartz lamps


High-efficiency and economical quartz halogen thermoisolates (halogen quartz lamps) are used as heating elements on the press. The use of such heaters ensures maximum speed and economy of the heater

Vacuum system

Vacuum system is based on the Chinese vacuum pump ERSTEVAK, with a capacity of 40 or 65 m3/h, creating vacuum discharge up to -0.9 Vah. Electric motor power 1.1-1.5 kW

Powerful eccentric mechanisms

Powerful eccentric clamping mechanisms provide convenient clamping adjustment depending on membrane thickness

Portable cranes

Portable cranes to control the process of vacuuming

The features are gas stops*

  1. Reliable operation is at any temperature.
  2. Durability and corrosion protection by rod corrosion coating.
  3. Fast installation is thanks to the use of the EasyClick system installation locks*
  4. Hydraulic damper is in end position.

Control system

Control panel with digital indication of heating temperature, allows you to work in manual (step-by-step) mode, with a timer, Electrical contact vacuum meter

Rubber membrane

Rubber membrane is 3100x1600x3.0 mm with a set of quick-detachable fasteners to the clamping frame

The alignment of the table surface is with a polymer material

The alignment of the table surface with a polymer material makes it possible to achieve a maximum level surface, which significantly increases the quality of lining of large-sized products.

Additional equipment for production line

Relief grinding machines

Relief grinding machines

Painting chambers

Painting chambers

About the machine

Membrane vacuum press Ш 15-30 is used:

It is intended for lining of wall panels with paper and veneer, panelling products made of an array of wood and composite materials with a complex profile up to 500 mm* (*- depending on the height of the thermal module), as well as bending of furniture parts. This type of press is most widely used in factories and workshops for the production of bent-glued furniture parts, door frames and platbands, moldings lined with paper, plastic and veneer, joinery and construction products and other woodworking industries.

The advantages of membrane vacuum press Ш 15-30:

  • Press is an integral construction of steel profiled pipes, the base of the table is a steel sheet 4 mm thick.
  • It is delivered fully assembled and ready for use.
  • No call-up of launch specialist required for commissioning.
  • Due to the small size of the equipment, the working space is saved
  • Possibility to install a press in any room. (If it is necessary, the machine can be disassembled into components and brought into any room)

Resulting products

Advantages of our machines


Uniform heating of the working area of the table over the entire area


Durable vacuum seal, abrasion and mechanical damage resistant.


Electrical components of domestic manufacturer


Durable heating elements (halogen quartz lamps), installed on special ceramic insulators


Standard equipment allows laminating, creating bent-glued parts, veneering (using a membrane), gluing plastic.


Vacuum pumps with high performance and low operating costs (when the machine is equipped with a domestic vacuum pump, we use the pump assembly on a tank of 100 litres, which makes it possible to solve the problem of water leakage to the floor).


Reliable and durable locks for pressing the clamping frame with height adjustment