For production and hot facing with PVC films


Technical specifications

Dimensions are 5400x1450x1650mm

Table size is 2500x1370 mm (internal working size is 2380x1250mm, working table depth is 50mm)

The type of movement of the thermal module is "roller"

Vacuum pumping station is based on the water ring pump VVN 1-1.5

Thermal module height - 300 mm, rolling over the clamping frame

Thermal module power is 24 kW (24 halogen quartz lamps 1000W each)

Spring-loaded mechanisms of thermal module positioning

Internal lighting of the thermal module chamber

Covering the working area of the table is MDF

Control panel with digital indication of heating temperature, electro-contact vacuum meter. Vacuum сontrol is by сranes

The control panel is located on top of the thermal module

Price is from: 550 000 rubles

Production time is 45-55 working days

Additional options

Opening side door

+10 000 rubles to the base cost

Clamping frame

+100 000 rubles to the base cost

Silicone membrane

+price on request to the base cost

Film cleaner

+25 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum system RS40

+70 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum system RS65

+130 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum system RB0021 C

+price on request to the base cost

Vacuum system RA0040 F

+price on request to the base cost

Vacuum system RA0063 F

+price on request to the base cost

Transversal dividing bar

+15 000 rubles to the base cost

Covering the working area of the table is MDF

+25 000 rubles to the base cost

Coating the internal part of the thermal module

+20 000 rubles to the base cost

Vacuum receiver with a volume of 200 liters

+25 000 rubles to the base cost

Control panel

+80 000 rubles to the base cost

Control panel

+35 000 rubles to the base cost

Design features

Control panel with manual mode

Control panel with manual mode, digital indication of heating temperature and electro-contact vacuum meter.

Optionally, the remote control is supplemented by the possibility to operate automatically.

Vacuum system

Vacuum system is based on the Russian vacuum pump VVN 1-1.5 with a capacity of 95 m3 / h and a power of 5.5 kW provides pressing with a vacuum coefficient of up to 0.85 installed on the water tank

Powerful locks

Powerful locks for pressing down the upper clamping frame. they have an eccentric adjustment. they are reliable and convenient in work They are manufactured according to the recommendations of operators working on this equipment

Measurement and regulation of heating temperature

Measurement and regulation of the heating temperature of the lamps is carried out by a proportional-integral-differentiating regulator by multifunctional single-channel OVEN TPM10

Portable cranes to control the process of vacuuming

Quartz lamps

Quartz heating lamps provide high-quality uniform heating

Additional equipment for production line

Relief grinding machines

Relief grinding machines

Painting chambers

Painting chambers

About the machine

Membrane vacuum press M 14-25 is used:

For organizations which are engaged in large-scale production of cabinet furniture, doors, as well as for any joinery industry. The equipment is used for the manufacture and hot cladding with PVC films, veneer of furniture facades, platbands, MDF door linings.

The advantages of Membrane vacuum press M 14-25:

  • The press features a solid welded structure made of a high-quality profiled metal, with geometry control at all stages of production
  • For the sealing of the clamping frame and table, a special wear-resistant thermostatic endurance vacuum seal is used, which reduces vacuum heat loss.
  • The pumping station of the equipment is made on the basis of a water ring vacuum pump VVN 1-1.5 (95m3 / h), where the water tank is combined into one structure with the pump.That’s why leaks of water are excluded.
  • The press design uses adjustable self-adaptive supports allowing installation on an unprepared (uneven) floor, with a difference of up to 60 mm by 1 metre.

Resulting products

Advantages of our machines


Uniform heating of the working area of the table over the entire area


Durable vacuum seal, abrasion and mechanical damage resistant.


Electrical components of domestic manufacturer


Durable heating elements (halogen quartz lamps), installed on special ceramic insulators


Standard equipment allows laminating, creating bent-glued parts, veneering (using a membrane), gluing plastic.


Vacuum pumps with high performance and low operating costs (when the machine is equipped with a domestic vacuum pump, we use the pump assembly on a tank of 100 litres, which makes it possible to solve the problem of water leakage to the floor).


Reliable and durable locks for pressing the clamping frame with height adjustment